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Health Guarantee

This is our health guarantee and sales agreement. Please read as this is what you are agreeing to when you purchase one of our puppies. Our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale and upon arrival. The buyer has a 72 hour (business days) guarantee in which he/she is urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed vet. Please send a copy or picture of the health statement from your veterinarian for our records. If this is not done, this contract is null and void.

We guarantee said puppy for 1 year from purchase date against life threatening hereditary defects. We also guarantee said puppy for one year against hereditary defects such as, patellas grade 3 or higher and heart murmurs grade 3 or higher. New owner must have vet statement showing any of the above defects within the one year period as stated above.

We reserve the right to seek a second opinion from the vet of our choice. We are not liable for any vet bills regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any defects. Once a deposit is made, it is non-refundable. We don’t do cash refunds of purchase price. However, if your puppy is found to have one of the above defects, and it is within the time period stated above, we will replace said puppy with one of equal value as one is available. We are not responsible for paying any shipping fee’s.

All our puppies receive age appropriate vaccinations. Luxating patellas grade 1 or 2, hernias, coccidia, giardia and worms are not serious health problems if treated properly, and are NOT covered under this guarantee. We start worming our puppies at two weeks of age and as needed. To the best of our knowledge, our puppies are free of worms.

We do not guarantee against any accidents, ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, running away, injuries, hair loss, scars, thin hair, overbite, underbite, coat stains, retained puppy teeth, tear stains, adult size, weight and color, ease of housebreaking or temperament.

If said puppy changes hands, (if the original buyer stated on this contract decides to give away or sell said puppy), this contract is null and void.

Shipping charges and vet charges are the responsibility of the new owner and will not be reimbursed or refunded for any reason.

Buyer agrees that he/she understands fully and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Missouri, county of Barry, and that the place of venue shall be Barry County, Missouri. This contract /guarantee must be signed and received before the puppy leaves here. Your puppy will not ship until we receive it.

We love hearing how our puppies are doing in their new homes. Feel free to send us updates and pictures as well. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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